• Bought a self-heating dishwasher, an Energy Star fridge, a water saving clothes washer?
  •  Put draft kitties down by the entry doors, planted tall shrubs on the north face of your house, installed a window solarium over your best south facing window and put plants in it?
  • Repaired/replaced the storm windows that cover your old-style windows, installed a new storm door, put draft gaskets behind all your electrical covers?
  • Changed the kitchen light bulbs out with fluorescent replacements, bought the whole family fuzzy slippers and give high praise when they wear them, put a switch on the tv cord to turn off the standby power when it’s not used, asked your kids to boot down their computers when they turn in at night?
  • Read a book and installed occupancy switches in your bathrooms, then paid a licensed guy to come do it right?
  • Joined a car pool, bought your wife a used doodlebug to drive on all occasions when the SUV is not necessary, shopped for package deals on heating oil and prepaid for the whole season with saved money?
  • Praised your lovely wife for cooking when she does, mentioning how cozy and homey the kitchen feels when the oven’s in use, glued an auxiliary magnetic catch on your fridge door so it will really close when the kids slam it?
  • Rode your bicycle to work if that was possible, and certainly to the store for the paper when it wasn’t monkey-butt cold, put throw rugs down on the coldest spots in the floor, sealed the attic hatch with a blanket and some batts?
  • Replaced your steam radiator vents, paid to have your burner tuned in the fall, bought Fiberfill comforters for everyone in the house, started a family fund for a lean-to greenhouse you can afford next year?
  • Paid off all your credit cards for that warm feeling of solvency, contributed to Public Radio even though the kids gag when you listen?
  • Danced with your wife on the kitchen floor because it’s aerobic and she looked beautiful that morning, and vacuumed your radiators, whatever they look like, because they radiate better when they’re clean?
  • Will all that impress Mr. Greenjeans with his big  tax-deferred energy loan and his NASA tank array in the basement? No. Not one bit. Don’t bother. But you just impressed the heck out of me. You’re a steely-eyed energy dude in my book. I haven’t done all that stuff. Yet.

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